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Where Am I?

  • 02/25/2018
    Greenport Harbor Brewery - Peconic, NY
  • 03/03/2018
    Long Island Spirits - Baiting Hollow, NY
  • 03/04/2018
    Raphael Vineyards - Peconic, NEW YORK



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LoneSome Rd (VS)

03:50 Download
Virgin Swill
Marty Attridge


Circa 1979. Our first "real" studio recordings. One of three songs recorded at those sessions. the line-up included myself, Jim, Doug and a drummer to be named later. Leslie Ferguson adds background vocals. The band was named Virgin Swill (pure garbage) at that time. We always had a sense of humor... The studio was located in the basement of a drug store in Ronkonkoma. How convenient! I remember driving in a snow storm to get there.... This was originally released on a 45 record. Anybody remember those?

Available as FREE download.