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Son of a Fisherman

Who Are Those Guys
Marty Attridge


Written in the early 80s. Recorded with the founding members of WATG circa 1988. The band line up included myself on vocals, keyboards, guitar; Jim on bass, vocals; Pat on drums, vocals; Joe Palermo on vocals, guitar, keyboards: Joe Armetta on vocals, guitar. The harmonies are me, Joe P and Jim. Joe does a great acoustic solo in the bridge. He thought I was crazy when I suggested he do the lead over the vocal, but it works. Some great songs came from that band. We never released a CD though. I compiled a bunch of those songs on a CD a few years back. It's titled "Tick Tock". It's available on CDbaby and i-Tunes. Check out the song "Tick Tock" (written by Joe Palermo), it's a great tune! 

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