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Where Am I?

  • 06/23/2018
    Private Party - ,
  • 06/24/2018
    Porto Bello Restaurant - Greenport, NY
  • 07/02/2018
    Greenport Dances in the Park - Greenport, NY



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I have seen the fires of hell burning in the distance.

Spreading across the prairie like a wild fire.

I’ve convinced myself it’s only an illusion.

But as I turn away I feel the heat upon my face.


I have seen this flood of sorrow begin as a tear.

Rushing down the mountains, across the plains, into a raging sea.

Tossing and turning each of us against the other.

And as I turn away I feel the spray upon my face.


I have heard this song of hatred begin as a whisper.

Starting as a voice and becoming a choir.

Growing louder until you can’t hear anything else.

And as I turn away I feel it ringing in my ears.


What spark began this fire?

What tear enraged the sea?

What note began this song in Oklahoma City?


I have seen the hope of God in a mother’s anguished face.

I have seen his work in a dirty, tired man.

I have felt his presence rise above the ash and the bones

Of Oklahoma City.