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WATG Trio @ Greenport Brewery

Greenport Harbor Brewery, 42155 Main Rd, Peconic, NY

Come celebrate my birthday with me.

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Down the road where the cold wind blows there’s the Devil hidden out of view.

He don’t have what you want but he’s got something you can use.

Just got to take the chance, all you’ve got to do is choose.

Down the road where the cold wind blows.


Do you take me for a fool?

Because I give my love to you?


Down the road where the West wind blows lives the King of the broken hearts.

Widows wander lonely halls looking for a brand new star.

Banners fly and Eagles cry. Dreams, they fall apart.

Down the road where the West wind blows.


The road will rise and turn, bridges built will burn.

You got to keep your hope as you’re heading down this road.


Down the road where the four winds blow Heaven lies in wait.

Rich men pace smoky rooms, betting on the Judgment day.

War winds rise, the truth is lies, the backroom price is paid.

I’m tired of the killing here, I’m heading down the road.


Heading down the road, heading down the road.

Where the free winds blow.