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Here's the scoop on FREE downloads. Free downloads are for your personal use only. They are not for any commercial uses. You are allowed make a reasonable amount of copies for your own use (i.e. copies for your CD player, cell phone, computer, etc). Free is Free! However, donations to the musical cause are always welcome. If you feel so inclined, you can send your gift to: Marty Attridge, PO Box 956, Mattituck, NY 11952.

Commercial uses strictly prohibited are (but not solely limited to): use in film, TV, radio, commercials, videos, any digital media, etc. Also prohibited is the reproduction of any of these songs for resale in any audio, digital or video form.

Proper licenses and/or permission must be secured through me (Marty Attridge) or my agents before any of my songs/lyrics can be used for any commercial purposes.

That being said, ENJOY!

Now, Click on the AUDIO link and give a listen.

All Songs c. Marty Attridge