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Where Am I?

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WATG Trio @ Greenport Brewery

Greenport Harbor Brewery, 42155 Main Rd, Peconic, NY

Come celebrate my birthday with me.


WATG Trio @ the Ciderhouse

Riverhead Ciderhouse, 2711 Sound Ave, Calverton, NY

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When you wake up from your slumber

and you find your dreams are gone.

The eyes once filled with wonder 

see the grayness of another dawn.


And the things you once held onto

seem so useless and so frail.

Don't know where you're going to.

Don't think you will ever prevail.


Use your dreams...

Watch it fall, fall away in dreams

To a place you can stay in dreams

Watch it all slip away in dreams


You wonder where the time's gone.

Is there something left to do?

All the things you counted on

are falling on through..



into your dreams

Is there somewhere to go in dreams?

Is there something to grow in dreams?

Is there someone you know in dreams?


Where you going to run to now?

Is there something left to find?

All you need to get you through

is in your mind.



When you wake up from your slumber

You may find the world is new.

And the spell that you where under

disappears into a sky blue.


And you can dream,

Let it take you away in dreams.

Everything is ok in dreams.

Let it take you away in dreams.